Thursday, August 30, 2012

Headed to a Canada Barn Wedding!

Earlier in the summer, Jody contacted me on etsy asking if I could include turquoise burlap  in a bouquet. We convo'd back and forth this summer about creating burlap and lace bouquets for her wedding next week.
I searched and found the turquoise burlap and designed a custom bridal bouquet for Jody.

She decided to have chocolate burlap roses for the quys to wear in the wedding. The three bouquets below were created for her bridesmaids to carry.

 Last week Jody ask me to call her on the phone to talk in more detail. It wasn't till this point that I realized she was in Canada, since my cell phone wouldn't place an international call. We played phone tag and finally got to talk over the weekend. In several years of online selling on etsy and ebay, Jody was the first customer I had ever talked to and it was much more personal than just an email.
 These small rustic bouquets were made special for the flower girl to carry and a throw away bouquet.
 When I talked to Jody, she told me her wedding was going to be in front of an old barn. I really wish I could have hand delivered all her bouquets to Canada and see it all in person! I told my husband if we weren't married yet, I would want my wedding on the farm, by our rustic barn and since Jody's bouquets are made out of all my favorite colors, I would want to carry bouquets like these.

His response was, well we are married and maybe your job is to help others create their perfect wedding day. I like his thinking.
Today I boxed all the burlap and lace bouquets up and sent them on their way to Jody. I have invited all the brides I'm working with to share their wedding pictures with you and me here on the blog. Jody said she would send a picture and I sure hope she does.
It was a pleasure creating these vintage style bouquets for you Jody. Congratulations and Best Wishes for your wedding!


  1. congratulations, janice. that's awesome.

  2. This is really great.
    Congratulations!! Good Job.

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  3. Those are beautiful! You did a grand job. And what a smart cookie Judy is to contact you and decided to add a creative touch to her wedding.

  4. These bouquets turned out beautifully! And the boutonnieres for the guys are sharp looking! I hope they send you a photo of the wedding!

  5. These turned out to be SO Pretty Janice!!! What a Beautiful job!!
    Happy weekend girl!

  6. How creative and beautiful your burlap flowers turned out. Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop. Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. New follower from Austin TX


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