Sunday, August 5, 2012

Special Shape Hot Air Balloons

There are always several special shape hot air balloons at the Great Texas Balloon Race.  (See my earlier post for lots more pictures of the balloon competition.)
 Gotta love the bees and the butterfly!
In previous years, we had gone to the balloon glow at night. It was hot, super crowded, and expensive to get in to (think thousands trying to park and get in on a 100 degree evening). With the Sunday morning race, we got to see the sunrise in a beautiful way without much traffic, for free, and it was much cooler! This will be the event we will return to again.

 And here is Noah's "Arky". If these special shape balloons don't make you smile...there is something wrong with you.

There was also several airplanes on display on the runway. Of course, my husband loved this part. He could tell you just what these airplanes are. Me on other hand, just know that are photogenic!
I loved the sun coming through windows of the Doolittle Raiders plane.

Here is the Galveston Gal plane. Since the week long festivities were over when the balloons finished the morning competition, these planes prepared for take off and my man loved to watch and hear the procedure.

We had a great time at the balloon race and hope you enjoyed a few of the sights as well.


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  1. I bet the kids all love those special shaped balloons. What fun! And those old planes sure are neat. Good photos!


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