Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Tour Part 2

Are you ready for another Spring Tour? If so, come on, let's go!
A tulip in my yard.

Random picture of the day! I've been driving the backroads and taking different routes recently in hopes of seeing something different to photograph and to break up the monotany of travelling the same road time and time again, when out of the blue there was a buffalo standing near the road!

Back home with more tulip pictures.

The white iris have been blooming in my yard this week. The purple iris should start within the next week or so.

Another random shot from my travels. I pass this old house in town occasionally and this week the redbuds were blooming in the yard. Noone has lived in the house in years, but the yard was mowed and I thought it ironic that the phone company had thrown a new directory on the front porch. Have you ever wondered why the buds on a redbud tree are purple or is it just me?

More iris from my yard.
The dogwood trees have started to bloom this week as well.
A rainbow from last week.
We were on our way to town last weekend and my sweet husband has learned to be on the look out for cool photographic opportunities. I have been taking my camera when we travel about since its spring and you never know when there might be a neat picture. So we were just "tootling" about as he calls it, when all of a sudden he puts on the breaks, shifts into R and says "Get your camera out." Can you see all the turtles on the log in this swampy little pond?
A few miles later, crossing into Wood County we come across this hill full of daffodils. Sweet husband pulls over and lets me grab a quick picture. We bought a new(er) truck last month and it sure has made "tootling" about much easier and more enjoyable. We had been driving an extended cab, long bed truck everywhere and now have a much shorter single cab truck that is so much easier to stop or turn around to get a cool photo and it gets much better gas mileage to boot. I wish this was in front of my house!

We are mapping us out a route to go west a few miles and see some bluebonnets in the coming weeks. I've always wanted to go to the hill country in the spring time, but getting away for a few days, just isn't a possibility, as we don't have anyone to rely on to take care of our animals. The Texas Highways magazine had an article on wildflower trails and previewed the Ennis area. We can easily make Ennis and back in a days time. There are suppose to be over 40 miles around Ennis to see bluebonnets and wildflowers. So I'm getting excited and checking their website to see when the best time to go will be. I'll be letting you know all about it and will share photos when we get back!



  1. Beautiful!!! Love all the photo's; thanks so much for sharing with us, Janice!!

    I'll be watching for your next "tooting around". So funny, and our hubby sounds like a sweetie!

    Have a great week! :)

  2. Your hubby, not mine! lol I need to watch what I type. :)

  3. Gorgeous shots!
    Can't wait to see the bluebonnet photos!

  4. I'm loving all your spring pictures! Seeing a buffalo out near the road? No way!!!

  5. HaHa Ms Sally! I'll be sure to share more pics of us "tootling" about! Maybe that needs to be a new subtitle on my blog!:)
    Yes Ms Donna, The buffalo was near the road, out of the blue, just standing there by himself. Totally random! No other animals around, thought I was dreaming, but I have pics to prove it, so I guess its real!!!

  6. what a refreshing break your spring tour was for me. Especially since snow is falling here right now. I have had enough of this stuff. I want tulips too :)


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