Monday, March 14, 2011

Flip Flop Farmgirl Photo Challenge

Wow! My photo was chosen FAVORITE in the photo challenge! Thank you Kelsey!
Kelsey at the Flip-Flop Farmgirl is starting a photo challenge and the theme this week is "Little Beauty". I   often take macro photos to display the details of a flower and liked the idea of Kelsey's challenge. For this assignment you were to take a picture of something little and then step back and show how small it really is.
This is a picture of a peach tree bloom.

The bloom is so tiny when you look at the bigger picture.


  1. Oh Janice! This is SO Beautiful!
    I can't wait for Spring!!!
    Well Done!

  2. I LOVE this photo! I simply perfect in every way. So beautiful! Have a lovely day. xxxx~Kelsey


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