Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bradford Pear Blooms

After a pleasant, spring like week, Old Man Winter let us know that he isn't quite ready to pack his bags and leave for another year. A cold front brought temperatures to freezing again this weekend. Its been a rather chilly weekend and we had to break out the jackets once again. With last weeks warm spell, the Bradford Pear Trees have blossomed with their elegant beauty. On our weekly trip to buy groceries for us and all the four legged critters, I captured a few pictures of them.
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Its only 2 weeks till Spring officially begins and time changes next weekend!!! I can't wait to have more day light time after I get off from work!


  1. Great photo's, Janice. I love Bradford pear trees, and wish I had at least one. A cousin of mine lined his long driveway with them, and they are awesome!

    Hope you have a great week also. And, thanks for the reminder of the time change!! :)

  2. I can't wait Either!!!
    Great Shots!

  3. Beautiful photos. I love pear blossoms. In our yard we had peach blossoms, but they are all fallen off now, with little peaches in their places. :)
    Have a wonderful day! xxxx ~Kelsey


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