Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happiness Is...

I was thinking about happiness this afternoon as we were working on our evening chores. Everyone has a different view of happiness.

The Farmall Man came in and told me to come look at the brief rainbow outside. I grabbed my camera and captured a shot before it faded away. Rainbows, spring flowers and blooming trees make me happy.
It was time to go feed the barnyard and I carried my Canon with me while we fed and let the dogs run. To the horses getting plenty of hay or grazing on fresh springs of grass is happiness. To Fido, chewing on a bone brings him happiness. To Trixie, getting to run free in the field is bliss.

Chasing down sunsets on the lake brings me happiness in the afternoons. Farmall Man's uncle, who loves photography, shared with me this great spot to stop and take sunset pics. If I go the "back way" home, I cross the lake and have enjoyed stopping and taking a few pictures. I just wish there was a sandy beach where I could sit me a chair and really enjoy the sounds of the water, sand between my toes and the beauty of the water and sky.
It seems to me as if happiness comes from the little things in life...not a brand of clothes or the car you drive. Money can't buy happiness. I've known lots of financial secure people who are the unhappiest people you will ever deal with.   
Its my family, four-legegd family, surroundings and nature that makes me happy.

So what is your idea of happiness?


  1. You said it Janice...Family. And...Knowing YOU, of course!Lol
    Love the snapshots! Beautiful!

  2. Such gorgeous photo's!!

    Happiness is all of the above for me (well, except a bone to chew on!) :)

  3. Sunset pictures are so incredibly gorgeous! Especially the ones you captured. :)

    Have a fantastic day! xxxx~Kelsey


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