Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bluebonnet trails

So I didn't have to work today, so we decided to head west to Ennis to travel the bluebonnet trails. I always thought I had to go to the hill country to see bluebonnets, but there are plenty to see and some awesome views in Ennis, which happens to be the bluebonnet capital.

I'm blogging from my iPhone in the autozone parking lot! We were going down one of the trails and were pulling over to take some pics when the clutch made a terrible pop. Needless to say, our trip has been cut short and the Farmall Man is trying to rig this truck up so we can make the 100+ miles home. There are no clutch master cylinders in this town and all the shops are closed on a saturday afternoon. But he's good, calm and collected, so he's getting us ready to make the trip home. Just say a little prayer for us, that we Make every red-light on green and don't have to stop much!

As I type, the clutch is some what working if his wedge stays in!
I am so thankful for him and his knowledge of mechanics. I would have panicked by now, if it wasn't for him.

I did manage to take a lot of pics before our troubles, so I will share those with you soon.

Update: We made it home just fine!!!!!!! The clutch master cylinder bracket broke and the master cylinder was held in place by: a pair of chanel locks, a hammer, 2 bungee cords, baling wire, and a piece of cardboard from a clothes hanger! My man has talent!!!The clutch was not used in switching gears on the way home. We only had to stop at a few red lights and made a few rolling stops. The clutch was only used to stop a few times. All of this was on our newer truck I told you about last week. Plastic crap is the reason for this malfunction today - vehicles are not made the same as they used to be! My other, older vehicle has over 250,000 miles and still runs great.


  1. Amen! You made it home! Girl, your husband is a treasure.

    We had a similar experience in Colorado. While traveling with cousins, we hit an elk. (Not our car but a cousin's and lucky we weren't killed.) It would have taken at least a month for repairs, i.e., small Colorado town, order parts, etc.

    Two of the members of our party were Texas Panhandle farmers. They got out the bailing wire and some mysterious items to get the cousin's car patched up enough to get back to Oklahoma. And, they made it.

  2. Whew - glad your hubby knew what to do!!

    Can't wait to see the pics - the one you have here is gorgeous!

    Have a blessed Sunday! :)

  3. HooooRayyyy for Hubby!! Well done!
    SO glad you made it safely!
    They just don't build them for duration anymore! They want you to keep buying new ones!

  4. What, no chewing gum or McGyver duct tape needed? LOL, thank goodness you married a clever man and got home safely!

  5. I'm glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you. You signed up to follow my blog a while back, but your profile didn't have any kind of link for your blog or any info so I couldn't contact you until you left a comment. You need to change your profile so folks can follow you back here! :)


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