Friday, January 12, 2018

Space Saving Tips in a Small Kitchen

There's no denying we live in a small house. Jeff is all the time talking about building us a tiny house and I reply "we already have that." Granted ours is bigger than a tiny house, but it's still a small home compared to so many. Counter and cabinet space is limited, so what's a girl to do? 

I was looking for a place to store my pie saver  - you know the vintage Tupperware pie holders. It would not fit in any of my narrow cabinet doors. I also had a few enamel dish pans needing a place to stay. So, I hung them on the wall! 

While this may look like decor to some, its functional for me. A smaller dish pan and the pie saver are nested within the bigger dish pan and all hung on the wall together!  Space saving and wall decor in one! Win-Win! 

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  1. I hate my kitchen...NO counter space!! And an island would not fit...ugggg


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