Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How to Create a Faux Ship Lap Wall and a Unique Clothing Rack

Last week, Angea and I gave our booth space at Uniques and Antiques a mini makeover! We had  been pondering painting the walls (yes, again) and we wanted a new clothing rack.

Our goals for the makeover:
  • transform the appearance of our wall
  • not disrupt our space for a long period of time, since the store still had shoppers
  • use items we already had to create an eye-catching and creative display
  • create a better clothing rack, allowing better access to shop our one of a kind pieces
So what did we do?
  • A faux ship lap wall
  • A clothing rack and shelf  made with old porch columns, a tree limb, and a board. 

Vintage style booth
You might recall that we painted our walls a whitish - grey color, when we moved into this space last June. You can see that makeover here. We had picked out a light grey paint, but it looked much whiter on the walls in our booth. The two side walls of our booth are made of thin paneling and it makes hanging things on the wall a little more difficult, so we decided the clothing rack would be set in front of the paneling wall, giving us more access to hang things on the back wall (that is much sturdier and we can drill or hammer into it.)
Project by GypsyFarmGirl and Rooster Tails
"Junking isn’t just about finding or selling something for us. It’s the adventures we have, the friends we make along the journey, and being able to take something we found and creating something new and different." - Janice

English Ivy garden style decor
So how did we create a ship lap wall for pennies? Painters tape and some grey paint! 
Angea measured off 8 inch marks and I taped the lines. 
Painting a Ship Lap Wall
She then took cheap acrylic grey paint (that she already had) and thinned it with a little water.
Booth by GypsyFarmGirl and Rooster Tails
Then we both went to town painting a thin line, right above our tape marks, to give it the appearance of board planks. 
booth makeover by Gypsy Farm Girl and Rooster Tails
My lines weren't perfectly straight, but neither are old boards 😉😉
We dabbed our previous nail holes with paint and then I used an envelope as a guide to create the vertical lines. We were just winging it at this point and I found an envelope in my planner, that made it easy to draw the lines, without needing additional tape.
booth makeover by Gypsy Farm Girl and Rooster Tails
Easy peasy and then it was time to create our clothes rack and put everything back in our booth! 

Ship lap painted wall by Gypsy Farm Girl and Rooster Tails
"You gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet" - Angea

There's a mess, before its going to be pretty...
Gypsy Farm Girl and Rooster Tails Booth Makeover
We previously had two chairs hanging on the walls, to hang our clothes on, although we decided we needed something with more hanging space and easier to browse through the clothing. I saw a suspended branch clothes rack on pinterest that we both really liked, but we didn't want to have to deal with hanging things from the ceiling or involving our guys having to go help us. We got to brainstorming ideas a few weeks back and decided to take columns to build a display!

A little back story on the columns-
Angea called me one morning last year, that she had found two porch columns at a garage sale for FREE and ask could I come pick them up in my truck! I got dressed and went to rescue them for her! Later on, she found feet for them at Canton Trades Days and we hauled them home with us last spring. Trust me when I say the ornate feet weren't cheap and Angea says it would tale a "pretty penny" if someone wanted them! 😉

A board attached on top of the columns anchored it all together, give us a display shelf , and support for us to hang our tree branch and clothes.
Vintage style booth by GypsyFarmGirl and Rooster Tails
We took some grapevine, greenery, and lace and wrapped around the arch, then started filling her up! 
Faux Ship Lap Wall and Unique Clothing Rack

We must say, we are excited about the outcome and spent very little out of pocket to make it happen! Win-Win, especially when you rent the space and want to make an easy makeover.  

You can catch more of the booth and reveal in our Facebook Live video below. I really like the ship lap look on the one wall, so we may go ahead and do the other two walls soon. What do you think???

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