Saturday, September 3, 2016

Live - Work - Create

So much has been happening recently, I totally missed the end of the month recap and video for August.
Lots of late night sewing, getting ready for our fall markets. 
Sweet little girls clothes, getting a lacy little makeover. 
One of my customers wanted an easel for her 104 granddaddy, who I didn't know. She told me he was country and wanted a tractor and cow included. She sent a note saying it fit his personality and style perfectly! 

Of course, preparation for lots of fall weddings is underway and several wedding orders have been made and shipped out to brides across the country. 
This one is burnt orange and jade (light turquoise / aqua). 
Red, white and tan burlap bouquet with feathers. 

Traffic one morning! Not my cows (thank goodness), but I thought they made a pretty morning picture! 

Camo, orange, turquoise, tan, and white burlap, lace, and feather bouquets, boutonni√®res, corsages, and headbands. 
A first peek at one of my new pillows that will be available soon! 
I'm a self taught seamstress and I don't know much about trouble shooting when things mess up. I hope you all have a friend that you can send this picture to and in one text message, she can tell you what to try and you get back to sewing immediately! Thank goodness for Angea, because I just knew my sewing machine was messed up bad. (P.S. She said rethread the machine and change needles.  I had recently broke a needle and must have had something wrong with new needle.)
Turquoise bouquets! 
It had been a couple years since I had made any church flowers. When I left the flower shop in town, I hadn't intended to do fresh flowers anymore. By request, I had started doing a few special events and I ran into one of my former customers at one. She was upset that I hadn't called her and let her know I was doing fresh flowers occasionally and wanted me to do her church arrangement this year, in honor of her mother's birthday. We didn't even have to discuss what she wanted, I already knew her favorites- all pink roses, gladiolus, and stargazer lilies. 

Birthday arrangements 
Flossie says Hi and that it rained a lot in August, but we are appreciative of the rain and cooler weather. 
Navy burlap and lace bouquets - I  had someone request a larger version of the standard size bridal bouquet (on right). Special request and sizes are available, so if you want something bigger, just ask! 
A personalized wedding album. 
This welcome rope wreath went to South Dakota and marks the 47th state I've shipped to! 
I sewed be up a fun little something with flannel and lace.  I know what I'm wearing to our market, if'n the weather is just cool enough, but not too cold! 
Love the all neutral colored burlap bouquets! 
The rain has been good for the flowers! My lantana is blooming pretty again and is over 6 feet tall. 
This week was Gilmer Homecoming and mums and garters are a big thing in the south. I did several school spirit items and delivered to the schools. Here's a few different ones I made this week. I'm
curious, do you celebrate homecoming and have mums in your area?  

Between everything else, we are working hard to get ready for our Yamboree and Backwood's Marketplace booths. I'm making some wooden signs. Several are painted on each side and have a similar word on the reverse side. 
Friday afternoon, after everything was delivered and shipped for the week, I decided it was time to clean up Miss Gussie the Glamper
And prop my feet up for a little while! 
A great big THANK YOU to everyone for letting me help with your special events.  I appreciate each and everyone of you! 


  1. Girl, you sure have been busy! I'm just thrilled for you, Janice; all the hard work being appreciated by your customers. I didn't see the easel you spoke of, but I must have missed it. I'll go back and check.

    Best of luck in the two events you're planning to participate in. I know you'll do well.

  2. You'll win it all!
    Just WOW!
    Beautiful work!!


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