Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fabric Hoarding Pays Off (Eventually)

So here's the thing, we hunt and gather all the pretty fabrics and odd things that catch our eyes. We stash, ok maybe we hoard these things away, because we know someday we will use them.

We travel to estate sales, garage sales, vintage markets, we clean out houses, and our finds inspire us to make new things. We worry we may one day run out of pretty lace, but who am I kidding, I recently organized fourteen, yes 14 buckets and baskets of lace, doilies and hankies. That doesn't count all the ribbon, suitcases full of fabric, 4 huge overflowing tubs of burlap, and other random stuff in my collection. 

Since starting this post, I've been working on a project and can't seem to find the "just right" lace in my collection, so I'll have to continue with my gathering! 

We hang on to those little snippets of ribbon, that seem to always fall out on the table and floor, because one night they will have a purpose.  Case in point, last weekend, I was working on a new teepee pillows (to debut soon) and that little bit of pink floraly ribbon was just what I needed! I think it has fallen out of its bucket one million and forty three times, just begging to be used.
We save, because when inspiration hits on a Saturday night at 10:00, you have the supplies on hand! Instead of hoarding, let's just call it building inventory. 

Those hankies, napkins, lace, and doilies, came in handy while I worked on a little something fun for me! I can't wait for cooler weather, so I can wear this shirt! 

I'll be the first to admit, my pics aren't great, but I took them late night on my sewing table... Better pics coming, when I actually have a good hair and makeup day! 😉 My current state is paint splattered, from my forehead to my big toe...

Exciting things / announcements are coming soon, so y'all stay tuned!

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