Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Junk Gypsy Book

Wednesday, I received an email saying that I was officially part of the Junk Gypsy Book Launch Team or the #theJGblt!  Jeff did not understand my excitement. I had applied in August and nearly forgot about it, figuring I had got skipped over. Only 100 people would be chosen to help Amie and Jolie launch their new book and I was fortunate to be one of them and received an advance copy of the book! What this also means is I stayed up way too late reading Wednesday night, well Thursday morning, because I could NOT put it down. Seriously, inspiring! Of course you all know that they have inspired several of my previous projects. The Junk Gypsies are extremely creative and hard working. So many of their stories, describe me. It's like we are soul sisters, together rescuing and transforming all the cool junk, traveling the back roads, and putting a unique touch to events and campers, except they are on a much larger scale than me. But let's not compare my relative new beginnings to something that has been 18 years in the making for them.
"So what is Junk Gypsy style? We love the unexpected, the glorious chaotic combination of a million different elements. We love things that have history. We're not looking for perfection. If we love something, we will find a way to make it fit. 

We love rock n' roll style as well as farmhouse. We love boho and hippie and country. The truth is, we're a little of all those things combined." 

Can I get an amen and hallelujah and pass the buttermilk biscuits?!? Oh yeah, Gypsy Daddy's buttermilk biscuit recipe is included in the book! I should be a good wife and try the recipe - that would excite Jeff. 

They discuss "granny economics." 

"It's the idea of using what you have instead of buying something new. The belief that new isn't always better. Like how our granny used the same worn out tin can for more than fifty years to cut biscuits instead of buying an actual biscuit cutter. Because to her, that worn-out can worked fine, so why buy a new one?" 

We must be kin, I mean we are all east Texas girls. I regularly use all my Grandmama's kitchen utensils (the kind you find in antique stores now), because they work just fine and why get new ones? Same with her scissors and pin cushion. I hold on and use those things with history and without plastic. 

We share a dislike of panty hose "We came to realize two essential truths 1) Our trying to conform to typical office dress codes was a lost cause. And 2) panty hose are the province of Lucifer." For years, well pretty much all my life, I've said the man who invented panty hose, should be hung by them. 
They are pure torture and I shall never wear another pair. 

Upon leaving their city jobs in the rear view mirror, and they "returned to our natural state of style (jeans), our spirits were uninhibited and our creativity was freed like a wayward antelope to his natural habitat." Amen, amen! This speaks to me and so relatable. 

There are so many gorgeous photographs, stories, and design projects, along with several DIY projects (stay tuned to some I'm already working on), road trippin' music playlist (I must download the ones I don't already have) and so much more. The book comes out in October, but you can preorder yours now and enter for a chance to win an all expenses paid vacation to Round Top to stay in the Wander Inn, a $500 shopping spree and meet Amie and Jolie. But you must promise to take me with you! Ok... just joking on that last part, but it would be super nice and sweet of you! 

These girls are the real deal and I promise you will love the book and be super inspired by the time you finally set it down. What are you waiting for? Hurry and go get it now! 

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