Monday, February 29, 2016

Yellow Wedding Bouquets and Daffodils

Some weeks seem to be about a certain color. A few weeks ago it was all turquoise bouquets, week before last it was navy. It's been a while since I've had any yellow orders, but last week had lots of bright and cheery yellow bouquets. 

Thursday night, I received a message titled "I need help." She was helping a friend and they needed wedding bouquets for a wedding THIS coming Friday! I was able to rush the order for them and they are being air mailed to San Diego today! I'm happy I was able to help them out on short notice. 

They ordered a bridal a bouquet with jade and tan burlap roses and vintage Ivory lace flowers and 6 sunflower and burlap bridesmaid bouquets.  When we were discussing colors for the bridal bouquet and I sent a picture of the jade bouquet - she said "when I think Jade, I think more green instead of turquoise. It's not like that crazy color changing dress is it?" I must agree that I think of jade as being more green, but the jade fabric is really more of a light turquoise / aqua color. 
Yellow week coordinated with the daffodils blooming in my yard as well! I love daffodils and they signal that spring is right around the corner. 

One bride had added an additional bridesmaid to her wedding party and she chose yellow for her color and is surprising the mothers with wristlet corsages to wear.

In her previous order, last month, each person has a different color dress, jewelry and bouquet  

My Grandmama's birthday would have been last week as well. As a child, I picked daffodils out of her yard to give her on her birthday. It's been 14 years since I was last able to give her daffodils, although I still pick a bouquet on her birthday. I miss her so much...

Another set of yellow bridesmaid bouquets.

And a sunflower and burlap bridal bouquet. 

This week looks to be a combination of navy and turquoise bouquets, along with getting ready for the Backwoods Marketplace in just over two weeks! 


  1. Janice!
    I've told you many times, but I am just so very proud of you. Your business is flourishing, and I can see why. You do beautiful work!

    I miss my grandmother also; she was my shining light.



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