Saturday, February 20, 2016

She's come a long ways!

I was looking through my camera roll Friday and realized it was exactly 2 years ago that I found my camper! She's came along ways from her ugly duckling - deer camp camper - man cave - mossy oak sticker days! Here's a few now and then comparison pics of camper to glamper. 

Two years ago, I spent the weekend cleaning her up and did the same thing this weekend as we are preparing for the Backwoods Marketplace  next month. She got new handmade curtains today and some cleaning, as we are starting to load inventory for the market. Nothing says glamper like a chandelier! 

You've come along ways Miss Gussie! Oh the power of a good scrubbing and paint! 

"Sometimes I wish I lived in an airstream
Homemade curtains
Lived just like a gypsy" - Miranda Lambert 

Of course she has homemade lace curtains. Don't tell her, but I really wish I had an airstream too! Seriously though, I would be tickled with a whole fleet of vintage campers! 

I ❤️ the original backsplash and I haven't done anything to the green cabinet doors or countertop. 

You sure have been a fun project to fix up! I always knew a camper would be a part of my future business, I just didn't know exactly how. It makes my heart and creative self happy to be able to share her pictures and get to travel to vintage markets with her. Thanks for traveling along with our journey! 

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  1. You're on an amazing journey, Janice. I'm so happy for you, and proud! xoxo


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