Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vintage lace

Once upon a time, I didn't like lace, couldn't stand it, didn't want it touching my skin, no how, no way. Times have changed! I'm always in search of vintage lace and even have a few friends on the look out for me as well. I fear running out of the good stuff and you never know when you will find more, so it's like a treasure hunt. 

Last week, I was out garage saling and happened to meet up with Angea at one of our favorite second hand shops. We knew of a big craft supply estate sale happening the next day, but got word that we could go early and shop that day! O.M.G. I just thought I had a lot of craft supplies! This was a full house of fabric, patterns, canvases, paintings, you name it. I didn't know the lady, but she must have been a very creative person. As we looked around, I found a big box of tangled lace and fell in love! 
They were so shocked that I wanted to buy the whole box  They were going to price it by the yard although, we finally settled on a price for all of it. As I mentioned earlier, it was a tangled mess of lace and it took me almost 2 hours to organize and sort through it when I got home. I'm so glad we didn't have to measure it all at the estate sale and calculate per yard price! 

Tip to families dealing with estate sales: price items by the box or be prepared with a box price and we will be more likely to take it off your hands and you get rid of the items quicker! There was hundreds, maybe thousands of patterns there, but I didn't want to look through each pattern individually, but if there would have been a box discount, well I might have grabbed up a few boxes. The same went for buttons - they were 10¢ a card, when a box lot would have been way more convenient. 

Since I have a new supply of vintage lace, I'm busy creating new items for my shop and the Backwoods Marketplace coming up in March. Here's a peak at a couple new purses / bags that I've been working on this week. 

They are fun bags that are just the right size to carry the essentials - wallet, phone, keys and lip gloss. Whatcha think? 

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