Monday, April 13, 2015

The March Report

It was a busy, busy March and I am so appreciative of all my customers who have allowed me to design bouquets for their weddings and special events, including a quinceañera  and a 10 year vow renewal. I love hearing everyone's story and feel like I get to know a few customers through our email correspondence!   (I know it's now the middle of April - I just realized this did not post as I had intended... Better late than never, right?) 

Lavender burlap was popular this month, with the first bridal bouquet having lavender, purple, and grey roses and bling and coordinating lavender boutonnières. 

This turquoise bouquet is going to be used at a quinceñeara later this year. 
Navy burlap bridal bouquet. 
A wine bottle lamp was sent for a birthday gift from a very special friend. 

Turquoise bridesmaid bouquet 

Turquoise and coral

Deep red and earth tones medium size bouquet. 

Jade or aqua bridal bouquet, small bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnières. 

A burlap and cotton bridal and toss bouquet. This bride wanted just a hint of orange in with the turquoise and tan bridesmaid bouquets, so a few tufts of the orange burlap was nestled among the roses. 

I will admit that when a bride ask for "true timber white snowfall camo," I had to jump on google and see what that was! She wanted a few of the satin white camouflage roses included in the turquoise bouquet. 
Bridesmaid bouquets to match. 

I made a little flower girl basket to coordinate with the wedding colors and included mini roses in the camo, turquoise and brown. 
A sunflower arrangement in a watering can. 

Navy boutonnière 
Denim rose bouts. 
Neutral colored boutonnières in tan and cream burlap. 

More lavender bouquets, 
With coordinating hair piece and 
Turquoise rose buttonholes. 

Cream and tan, with a touch of jade bouquets for a ten year vow renewal. 
Jade boutonnières to match for the guys. 
Brown, tan, and cream bridal bouquet. 

This was a totally new color combo, with the billow blue, light pink, and cream roses, lace, bling, and feathers for a special bride to be. 
Along with coordinating boutonnières and 

A pillow for the ringbearer to carry. He gets that little boutonnière to wear as well. 

This bride wanted a lime green, grey and black long stem bouquets without lace. Tufts of black tulle were included between the roses. Here's a fun fact about me-  When I was a kid, I could not stand lace! Hated it, didn't want a lace slip under my church dress or touching my skin anywhere. My grandmama had to sew me lace less clothes and now I work with it everyday. I bet she's shaking her head at me right now for all the times I cried about hating lace! What can I say? My taste have changed and I'm making up for lost time! 

Ruffley layered burlap table cloth. My eight year old, tom boyish self would have ran kicking and screaming from that much lace! 
Heres a sneak peek at something exciting coming in April! I am preparing inventory for a soon to be released Roots and Wing Collection. Lots of pillows are being sewn, along with tote bags, and caps. I hope to have everything finished and listed in a few weeks. I'll be sure and share more details soon. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who allows me to help create your dream bouquets! I appreciate each and everyone of you and send my best wishes. 

Please contact me through my etsy shop if you need rustic wedding bouquets for your upcoming events. Some ready to ship inventory is available or I would be happy to create custom bouquets for you. 

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