Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My new photo backdrop / bench / yard decor

This week, I've been working on a new photo booth. I was in desperate need of a new back drop to take pictures against, but I also wanted this piece to be functional, fit in with my yard decor, serve as a bench or add pillows and cushions or a mattress and have an outdoor day bed. Also, it had to be rustic, repurposed, mobile, and fun.  I'm talking multitasking furniture here! 

My old photo backdrop was collapsing. You may remember me fixing up this free dresser a few years back. When I got it, the top wasn't attached and it wasn't in the greatest shape. Although for outdoor use, the dresser served its purpose and made it longer than I expected. It was time for it to take it's sagging top and go away. (I did salvage the drawer handles, so all was not lost.) 

We actually started this back in the winter, but then it started freezing and rained for a month. I finally found a little time to work outside and bring my vision to life. 

The mister had the perfect bed frame on his scrap metal trailer and he shared with me! It's even on casters, so it can be rolled around. Last week, he got ask if he was part of the Duck Dynasty crew! Believe it or not, he started growing his beard before Duck Dynasty was a household term! 
I'll just go on and say, I love my battery powered chainsaw and yes, I used it to cut the boards! 

Meet my junky fun new piece that cost me absolutely nothing out of pocket to build! All the supplies were salvaged or purchased at a garage sale, waiting for the perfect project.

The head and foot board from an old bed was rescued from a curb last year. The chippy peely door came from garage sale, along with the grapevine. The boards on the base came for my granddaddy's barn. 

I slapped a coat of plaster paint on the head and foot board to freshen up their appearance and added lots of plants around the porch. 

It's been a nice spring week and I've enjoyed working outside some. I expect you will be seeing glimpses of my new photobooth a lot in the future. Now I'm thinking it needs a roof and a chandelier hanging up! 

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