Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day - Our Recycled Yard

Happy Earth Day! As many of you know, our yard is mostly recycled / upcycled. The only thing bought new in this picture was the lights and a few of the plants. I love to call it the junk yard! 

The gazebo was laying on its side, literally drug and pulled out of a ditch. The former owners had discarded two of them and our friend saw them and ask about them. As part of helping him get a gazebo home, we got one in the process and the transformation and decorating has been fun. 

These two hanging buckets, have rusted out bottoms! (See how I did that by searching on the side bar.)

Several years ago, I made the desision to stop buying flower planters. The only pots I buy, come with plants in them. No plastic pots are to be seen in my yard. Either the flowers are directly planted in old containers or I slip the pots down inside a rusty vessel. A little mulch goes along way to hide the plastic containers. The chives on the right or slipped into an old tin can, while the dish pan holds an assortment of flowers and herbs. The 2-3 year old dianthus is planted in an old crock that was rescued from a trash ditch. 

Framed oragano! The square planter is missing a peg foot, so it's now a hanging pot! The rusty frame came from an old wheel barrow. Once upon a time, it held flowers till the bottom rusted out. Not to throw anything away, the frame has found multiple purposes in my yard. 
A few roses from this morning. 
Another rusty wheelbarrow holds a load of hens and chicks. 
Wild petunias. These are growing out of the stone porch, but I let the wild things grow. No extra care or cost has been endured and they are pretty! 

So as you can see, we love our flowers and junk! How about you? Any recycled or upcycled containers in your yard? 

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  1. Very pretty yard :)
    I wish I had a yard again that I could decorate.


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