Monday, April 27, 2015

Junk in the Trunk - My First Show

I'm excited to be participating as a vendor in the Harmony P.T.O. Junk in the Trunk show this Saturday! 

I've always had a desire to set up and sell my goods at a show, but its just never happened. It was a spur of the moment invitation that led me to sign up for this event. Its just a few miles from home and takes place this Saturday from 8-1 pm, so it's not a major overnight trip for my first, but hopefully not last  show.

I'm gathering my inventory and display pieces, trying to make decisions as to what to take. 

It's my first show. I want it to be great, but not over done for a trunk show in the school parking lot.  

Of course the pillows and tote bags from the Roots and Wings Collection will be making an appearance. 

I've got a few pieces of furniture that I plan on taking that can do double duty as props and be for sale, including this bench. 

I don't expect it will be the  target market for wedding bouquets, but I still think I will take a couple to display.  My friend Keli is the one who invited me to the show and also gave me this fabulous vintage chair. The arm has some damage and she thought I might can fix it. I really like it just the way it is and she seems to be right at home showing off a recent order. 

With Mother's Day coming next week, I will have a few rustic corsages and other unique gifts available as well.  Don't you think Miss Lacy should go to help show off the corsages and sashes?

I will have one parking space to display my goods in. I think I will measure off a place out in the yard and practice setting everything up on Friday, so I'll have an idea of where everything will go. 

Stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook for updates closer to time and if you're in the local East Texas area, come out and see us Saturday morning! 


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  1. How exciting, Janice!

    I hope you do really well, and yes indeed take Miss Lacy;
    she'll steal the show.

    Good luck!

  2. Good Luck to you!!! I know you'll do great! Let us know!


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