Saturday, March 7, 2015

I needed this...

Over the past two weeks, it's rained, sleeted, rained some more, snowed, iced, rained again and again, we briefly saw the sun, might I add briefly, it came a monsoon, ok, just rained a lot more, iced, and snowed again. I've been deprived of sun and sunsets, which are crucial to my well being :) 

Now, I try really hard not to complain about rain, because all life depends upon water, we pray for rain all summer, it's a necessary element of life... But I missed the sun and gosh, it's been cold. 

Today was fabulous! Beautiful sunshine and mid 60's. This afternoon, clouds started to roll in (more rain forecasted for the next two days) and I was hoping it was going to set up a beautiful painting in the sky. I was on the way home from the farm and wasn't disappointed! 

This is not a lake, it's a creek bottom flooded by all the rain. The sunset and reflections in the flood water made all the rain worth it! 

It's a less travelled back road and I was able to stop and take several pictures with my phone and enjoy the moment. 

I got my sun fix, so I think I'll be able to deal with the next rainy spell with a better attitude.  And hey 50 degrees and rain is way better than in the 30's and rain, sleet, and snowing...

The daffodils remind us apring times coming y'all! 


  1. Love all the pictures. Even the grey sky ones are very beautiful in their own way.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. Beautiful photo's! I know exactly what you mean about the
    depressing weather. Of course, we don't get it bad like
    you guys, but when it rains for days I just want to curl up,
    read a book and pretend. :)


  3. Beautiful reflection photos! The warmer temperatures have arrived here, thank goodness. Now if the rain will just scoot on out for a while!


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