Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boots, Bouts, Bootineer, Boutonier, Boutonnières

Boot, bouts, bootineer, boutineer, boutonniers, boutiniers, boutoniers, boutennieres, boutonnières...

It's a very hard word to spell! Trust me when I say, spell check has to help me out spelling boutonnières all the time. At the flower shop, when writing on paper, I always abbreviated the word to bout. If we ever did spell it out, the dictionary had to be consulted! That little mark over the e, is definitely auto correct helping out. 

According to one dictionary, a boutonnière is a noun and "a spray of flowers worn in a buttonhole" or another online dictionary states " a flower or small bouquet worn, usually by a man, in the buttonhole of a lapel." 

That gets me wondering why we don't just call them buttonholes? It's so much easier to spell! 
denim, burlap, and lace wedding

I thought I would share several pictures and color combinations of boutonnières. The first picture is blue denim bouts with burlap leaves and stem. 
burlap boutonniere
So who should wear a boutonnière? 
Best man, groomsmen, junior groomsmen
Preacher / officiant
Ring bearer
Candle lighters
Father of bride and groom
Depending on your personal preferences, not everyone has to have a boutonnière, but this list is a guideline to go by. 
I often have customers reordering because they forgot someone or added a groomsman, etc. 
I'll admit, I forgot the groomsman when we got married! I was getting ready to walk down the aisle and plucked a rose bud out of my bouquet and made an extra boutonnière in the bathroom! Doing your own flowers and being the one getting married was stressful. I might have had a panic moment or two that day! 
sunflower boutonniere
Mini sunflower buttonholes, with the stem wrapped in twine. 

This was a groom's boutonnière that was fancied up a bit with a few pieces of brown, dried babies breath. 

Sometimes, the groom's boutonnière will be different colors or just a little more special to make him stand out, as was the case with the white rose for the groom and red roses for the remaining wedding party. 

buttonhole with navy burlap
Sometimes, it's just the groom who gets a bout and that's okay too. 

mini bout for ring bearer and large bouts for men in wedding party
I can make mini boutonnières for the ring bearers or junior groomsmen, that are more appropriately sized for younger children. 

turquoise and brown wedding
In this case, the groom was wearing a turquoise shirt, so he got a brown burlap boutonnière, with the groomsmen getting the light turquoise "jade" bouts. 

The bride envisioned 2 mini roses for each boutonnière and I brought her ideas to life with the mini turquoise and yellow roses. 

burlap buttonhole
Purple and lavender bouts. 

shotgun wedding

Shotgun shell boutonnière with a camo rose for the hunting and outdoor themed wedding. 

sage green boutonniere

Sage burlap rose. 

Pink and brown wedding party. 

Need boutonnières for your wedding? Please visit my shop or send me a etsy convo and I'd be happy to help you.


  1. Hahaha!!! LOVE the shotgun shell one! What a fun idea!!

  2. I love the mini sunflower "button hole fillers". :)

    You crack me up!



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