Thursday, March 12, 2015

What to say?

This week, Jolie from the Junk Gypsies wrote a blog post, Hello World,  discussing her almost 9 month blog absence and where does one pick back up and start again.  You should go read it. What to say? When and where to pick up writing. As bloggers and in real life, I think a lot of us can relate. Some days, I'm scared to hear my own voice, the silent type, that sits back and observes, yet so much going on upstairs.  

There's days I write a whole blog post in my mind, I'm usually driving or my hands are busy creating something, and it never makes its way to my computer screen. Then there are days that just seem ordinary and who really cares?

On the way home from feeding cows, Jeff and I discussed the topic. I said "but who wants to read about mud?" I try hard to not complain about rain, but I'm on the verge of going crazy in the mud. Every single day for three weeks, we've battled getting trucks stuck in the pasture and now there's ruts in my driveway.  Its just a mess. My mud boots got a hole in them last week and it was several days before I could get to a store to buy new ones. One day I duct taped them up and it kinda helped, but not really. The next, I wore plastic grocery sacks inside my boots and my feet stayed dry. Here I am breaking in the new mud boots. I'm not really the leopard type, but oh well, my feet are dry.

Or how about my serious case of winter blues and spring fever? We thought spring was coming early, but then winter has made a mean return. I'm ready to work in the yard and plant a garden. I miss it looking pretty. The daffodils have been beat down my the winter rain and snow. 

Then there is data - arggggghhhhh! My phone ran out 3 days before my plan renews, the home internet has a daily limit, I busted that out early today and now I'm using my iPad data. Why can't there just be an endless supply of data??? Really, why not? At a reasonable price, I might add. 

Don't even get me started on iTunes. I was trying to put all my music on my iPod to free up room on my phone. I wanted to easily create a playlist, with something like 400 songs without having to individually drag and drop each song. That wasted more time than it should have and it's still not exactly how I want it. I think I should just turn on the radio - it won't use any data that way!

I did hit up a great garage sale this week! I can't wait to show you some of the exciting things I found. I just need time and the weather to cooperate, so I can take pictures. 

Jeff said, "but people can relate to that stuff, that's life." These are the things that have been running through my mind lately and finally escaped to the big world today. I also told him I needed an assistant. I need someone to dictate what goes on in my mind and help me with my computer work (editing pictures, listing, posting, etc.) He said "I don't think your business is that big yet." Maybe one day... Speaking of, I need to get busy on and finish a few bouquets tonight. 

If you've made it this far, I'll leave you with a cute baby picture! This little girl was born in the snowy mud a few weeks ago. We found her and immediately moved her to a warmer and dryer location. She stayed as snug as a bug in a rug in her hay bed and her momma loved the extra attention they got! Isn't she a cutie?  


  1. I fought for 3 1/2 hours last night to place an order on Verizon to order two new BASIC phones and a minimum plan. I'm sick of smart tecnology that sticks, pauses, freezes, etc. every time I really want to do something with it. Hopefully that time won't be wasted, as we'll be paying half as much a month for what we really use. on the best carrier around for our area.

  2. Aaaww, that new calf is a cutie! It is a constant dilemma to figure out what to blog about that is interesting enough for the writer AND the readers. Had to laugh about your leopard mud boots. The graphic about the mind mess is priceless! I can so relate. I can compose all kinds of blog posts in my noggin, but completely forget about them once I actually sit down to type. I hear you about iTunes. It is one hot mess. I have never found it logical, and still haven't figured out how to get electronic books that I purchase in pdf form to successfully transfer on iTunes. So I load them up in Dropbox and download them to my iPad from there.

  3. Oh girl! I hear you about the phone issues. When I purchased this new phone, I had no idea at all about "data". So, the second bill I received was about 25.00$ more. I guess they fixed me as they've gone back to the original pricing. If I ever get this paid off, I'm buying a simple phone. I don't use most of the things it offers; I only use it to text, talk and playing solitaire.

    I love your boots also! And, hoping you soon get better weather. I know you love working outside as much as I do. :)



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