Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring on the Backroads

Come ride the backroads with me for a few minutes. It's spring and the rural landscape is showing out!

We may not have many Texas bluebonnets in our area, but the Indian Paintbrushes have been beautiful this season. We are happy to see our field of paintbrushes thicker than ever this year. 
Wisteria and red clover growing along the fence line.
I've loved this little rustic shed for a while and always intended to stop and photograph it. Last weekend I carried my big girl camera along with me, snapping photos on the dirt road. The dogwood was blooming by the shed, so this time I stopped. 
Spring green, is there a prettier color after a long winter? 
These steers looked at me like what are you doing taking our picture? Part of my trip was rainy and drizzly, but I've decided we must look for the beauty in our everyday life. Beautiful things are everywhere, not just at location x, y, or z. One person would see a patch of yellow weeds below, while another sees a field of wildflowers. 
More wisteria. 

Dogwood trees are one of my favorite spring blooming trees. 

Our sweet girl loves to travel along with us. She's definitely a back road girl. She prefers 20-25 mph, with the window half down and the wind in her face. My camera was in the seat and I looked over and had to snap a picture! On Instagram, I said this picture had four of my favorite things: dirt roads and pickup trucks, puppy dogs and fields of wildflowers. 

Thanks for traveling along with me. I hope you are enjoying spring in your parts. 


  1. Many scenes similar to those around these parts. Enjoyed your photos. And am loving the spring scene here....just not the allergies they bring.

  2. Just beautiful! Always enjoy your photo's.

  3. Beautiful shots!! And I Love the pup!!


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