Saturday, June 8, 2013

On the Road

I love driving the roads less travelled and find myself able to stop and take pictures along the back roads. Many times, these are the pictures that make up my photo a day on Instagram. 

I'm the kinda girl who often drives with the window down, even though the air conditioner works in the truck and its 90+ degrees outside. I'm also the girl who thinks that the road ways look awesome when everyone else thinks they are overgrown. I love the quite of a dirt road and the peaceful journey to enjoy the beauty. 

I'm not a big crowd person, so the black top suits me well. 

This picture along the back roads reminds me of a line from the song Get Your Shine On when it says "summer sky dripping rhinestones." 

I stopped and picked a few wildflowers one evening on the way home from work. 

While I prefer the back roads, sometimes we do have to travel the four lane highway...

Wild pink roses growing on a fence line on the dirt road. 

Thankfully the mowing crews haven't mowed all my favorite roads yet or most of these pictures wouldn't exist. 

Hope you are having a great summer. What's happening on your road?  


  1. Such a beautiful assortment of summertime vignettes! Thank you for sharing your amazing countryside with us!

  2. I also prefer the back roads to the highways. Although here in Australia our highways don't seem to be as big as yours.

  3. You live in a gorgeous place! I also love the backroads, so much nicer.


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