Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Spring Garden Tour

It's been a while since I shared pictures from my yard and garden, so I thought I would show you around for a few miutes. Almost all of my plants are in rusty, recycled, repurposed containers.
From vintage bed pans, chicken wateres and rusty water jugs, elevated on an old crock pot bowl...
to more rusty chicken feeders...
Our kitty cat loves to sit on the gazebo rail among the roses. The old chair holds a big pot of oregano. I love being able to go out and pick fresh herbs from the yard.
A yucca bloom.
A tiny little spider warts.
The prickly pear cactus is blooming too.
The view from my front door.
My green onions growing in a trash can! I seldom buy green onions at the store (usually at Christmas time for cooking), but when I do, I never throw any part of them away. I used the tops of the onion in my tortilla rollup recipe and then  I planted the bottom part in this old trash can and look at them now.
I'll try to share more garden pics soon! All these pictures where taken with my iPhone - does anyone know of a good blogger app? I email my pics to blogger, then have to edit and create my post on computer...
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Gosh, that iPhone is great! Love these photos you took and the visual tour. What a delightful garden - abundant with blooms and greenery! I don't have an iPhone, so I can't help you out with your question. You might want to zip an e-mail off to Donna Staas (Made in Heaven) and maybe she can help you!

  2. So beautiful, Janice. Love all the pretty colors.


  3. Thank you for taking us on your beautiful garden tour. Gorgeous!

  4. Oh what a beautiful yard! Loving all those different blooms!

  5. PS-It looks like an app called, Blogger.... would work great for you. You can upload photos and post from it!

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