Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Rusty Bucket of Kale

Someone was describing their son to me today and said "he was a winter time person..."
These words will NEVER describe me. I, for one do not like cold weather or the dreary days of winter and forget about snow. So this week I am happy. Our air conditioners are running in East Texas and its mid 70's. Most are complaining that it "doesn't feel like December", while I'm happy it feels like spring.
Over the weekend, I got to work in the yard for a while and I planted some kale in the rusty, bottomless bucket.
 Now you may be thinking I said the pansies and dusty miller would make it till spring, but I left out a small little detail. You MUST remember to water the flowers for them to survive! Life got crazy for a few weeks and since time changed (have I mentioned I hate DST), I get home after dark and didn't water. Oooops!
 Some of you might remember the original planting in the bottomless bucket last spring.
 I had been wanting to plant some kale for a while, but hadn't seen any in the garden center. Well last week that changed, so I grabbed three of the ornamental cabbages and decided they would be great for the bucket and should survive the winter with a little water along the way.
 I brought most of my plants out of the greenhouse to enjoy the mild week, but it sounds like the cold weather will return by next week. :( I've heard rumors of the twenties in the forecast.
 Now what was I suppose to do? Oh yeah, go water the plants!


  1. I don't especially like winter, but your winter's?
    Much different than ours. :)

    Great photo's. Love the kale.

  2. This is so beautiful with the old bucket & flowers. In Arizona we are able to have flowers blooming this time of year and I so enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It'll hit us Sunday night...34 then Monday night will be 27...uggggg...
    Love the shots!!


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