Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow Predictions

I convinced my sweet man to take me to work the day after our Christmas snow. I didn't want to drive in the snowy, icy conditions plus he would have the truck warmed up when he came to get me that afternoon. The local paper has researched and can't document a Christmas Day snow since 1929 in our area.

On the way home that evening, he pointed out how pretty the swamp pond down the road looked covered in snow earlier in the day. He had stopped and took a couple pictures with his phone, but it was too dark to take pictures at that time, so I decided to leave a few minutes early the next morning

This little pond is usually sooo ugly and murky, although I think the snow made it pretty.

Our snow has since melted, yet it did stay on the ground for three days. Old timers are saying that since it stayed three days, it will snow again this winter.

That it turned has brought up the persimmon seed prediction saying a snowy winter. We cut persimmon seeds open earlier in the fall and there was a spoon shape, which means you will need a shovel to dig out the snow. (Other symbols are the knife meaning a cold, icy winter where the wind will cut you like a knife and the fork representing a mild winter.)

I'm not a big fan of snow, except for the pictures that can be captured. It won't bother me if we don't get any more snow this winter, but if we do, I'll have my camera in hand! Now if it will only snow on days I don't have to work, so I can drive the country side in search of pretty snow scenes!


  1. Great picture Janice!!!
    It's a lovely shot!

  2. Love the photo!

    I hope you and Farmall Man have a wonderful 2013!



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