Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Tie the Knot

A few years ago, I got my feed truck stuck at the farm. By myself. I walked to the barn and got the tractor, used the tow strap in my truck, and pulled myself out. I tied the knot on the hay unroller (a piece of equipment attached to back of tractor), that I couldn’t undo, after I got the truck unstuck. It wasn’t coming undone and you know I’ve ALWAYS got a pair of scissors with me, so I cut the strap. I have no regrets in what I did. None.

Shoulda, coulda done something different to begin with, but I didn’t. Hey, not backing around and getting my tire stuck in a wet hole woulda been the better thing... but still, no regrets.

Anyways, I rattle on with the back story to tell you that knot I tied a few years ago was there for us a few weeks ago, when we needed it. (There’s a loop on the end you can’t see.) We never know the reason or how something we do today can effect us years from now. Every time I look at the strap, I sigh and remember that day I cut it. Now I’ll remember the day it helped.

Just like when I opened accounts with a new business name, on a cold winter night, thinking it would never be a real big deal. After a few seasons, it is our full time gig.

Tie the knot... Do something today that your future self will be thankful for. 

Whether it’s picking a business name even though you still have a full time job and securing that shop name and email address, making that call, asking that question, choosing to be healthier, whatever it is... tie the knot and one day you’ll look back and be glad you did!

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