Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Counting States

Remember those road trips as a kids and playing the license plate game? You know - family vacation, sitting in the back seat, getting bored, and asking "are we there yet?" The summer before fifth grade, we went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and mom got her steno book out and we wrote down all the different state license plates we saw. It was something we did to pass the time travelling from East Texas to Arizona, then on to Las Vegas. I'm thinking we saw about 40 something different states, but that's been a while, so I can't confirm that total.

From time to time, I've checked my etsy sales map. It's kind of like the license plate game, as you count the states and countries. The last three states seemed to take a while. Tonight, I checked it, wanting to confirm how many countries I had shipped to (I'm working on some new brochures) and was surprised to see that it said ALL 50 STATES!!! I knew it was sitting at 49 for a while, but had missed the item that shipped to the 50th state!

As of today, we have shipped to all the United States and a total of 8 countries. When I opened my shop back in 2011, I NEVER would have thought this to be possible. I'm just a small town girl, working from our home in the country, making handmade bouquets, clothing, and other decor items. I am SOOOOO thankful for all of you who support our shop and let us be a part of all your events! We appreciate each and everyone of you!

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