Monday, November 19, 2018

Santa and Glamper Flannel Shirts!

Santa said he's trading in his sleigh for a vintage camper and truck this year! ;) heehee! 

Ok, maybe not really, but there are some fun flannel shirts with Santa's, Glampers, and Vintage Trucks and Christmas Trees in my shop! These have been popular at our shows this fall and in my etsy shop. I've been selling out or running really low on these at every show. 

Flannel Shirts with Christmas Graphics
Santa Claus is watching YOU! 

The shirts can be tied up, if they are too big. I have one XL flannel that I wear and tie the ends up this way and cuff the sleeves (I usually wear a medium.)  

 This one was a new design and sold out at the last show, so more have been made and listed in my etsy shop.  There was a group of ladies who were glamping at the Mineola Civic Center a few weeks ago and many of them came over to the Mineola Antique Fair. They were the funnest group of shoppers. I had to drive through their campground when we closed for the night.

Christmas shirt with vintage glamper

The pink glamper Christmas shirt was a popular choice for the glamper group and one of them even had the vintage Shasta to match it!

Santa says Support your community - Shop Small! and oh how we appreciate everyone who shops and supports our small handmade business!

Mooey Christmas! Ah, this sweet cow face reminds me of my little red calf that we have been bottle feeding at the farm!

How I wished we had a vintage red truck to carry our Christmas tree and pull our camper! (Or a turquoise one!)

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season! We do appreciate each and everyone of you who let us help decorate your lives - from one of a kind clothing to arrangements for your special events! 

Shirts can all be found in my etsy shop at GypsyFarmGirl or we will have them at the Mineola Antique Fair on December 7-8 and a bonus show date the following Saturday, December 14. 

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