Thursday, November 22, 2018

Christmas Decor Makeover

Sometimes our Christmas decor just needs a makeover to make it feel fresh and pretty again. Last week, a client called wanting to update their wreaths, swags, and order a new mantle piece. I went and looked at her pieces and home to get an idea of what she had to work with. The home had been decorated for a Christmas tour several years back and the teardrop / swags were about 12 years old. They had a great woodsy base, although new bows were much needed. She wanted to lighten them up a bit, so I added some snowy greenery and gold ribbon. She already had a large supply of feathers, berries, and some other foliage, so I used as much of what she had, as possible.

 I completed the makeover at their house and when the owner came home, she was so excited and happy with how everything turned out!
Christmas stair case arrangements get a fresh look

The tear drop swags hung with the garland at each post on the staircase.  

Christmas staircase garland
I should have taken a before picture of this piece. There was a poor pheasant setting in the middle of this nest that sits on the stair rail. Oh, he was pitiful! I used some of the elements the client had and gave it an updated look. 

They have a large stone fireplace where this wreath hangs, but said it didn't show up very well. So more of the snow covered greenery helped lighten it up come, along with lots of feathers. A snowy bird nest replaced balls that were missing their covering. Not real sure if they were originally moss orbs or what.

rustic wreath makeover with pheasant feathers
 She had an inspiration picture with a mantle piece with the cascading pheasant feathers, so we created this piece for them. The wreath has a very rustic, winter lodge look to me. I suggested that it could be left up all winter and they liked that idea.

Rustic lodge mantle piece and wreath with greenery and feathers

We were happy to help give their Christmas decor an updated and fresh look for the holidays! 

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