Thursday, November 15, 2018

Member Junkers {not so} Anonymous

Last week, when we had a conversation with one of our friends and customers at the Mineola Antique Fair. Their family has come 4 shows in a row and even came twice last weekend (and they won two of the door prizes being given away.) 

As they were leaving they said "we'll be back next month, it's like Junker's Anonymous... We have fun and can't stay away!" 

Junker's Anonymous... It immediately hit me that it had to be a graphic and most likely it's a new shirt in the works! 

Are you a member of the 
Junker's {not so} Anonymous Club?

You know, we can't keep it a secret that we have junk everywhere...the back of our trucks, yard, storage sheds, house... we love junk and we aren't afraid to show off what we do with it! 
We aren't really anonymous at all!! 

Whatya think? Should it be on the back of a shirt????????

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