Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Now, Even Easier to Order Custom Bouquets!

I wanted to share with you a couple of updates, that now make it easier than ever to order custom burlap and lace wedding bouquets! 

First off, the most popular bouquets in my shop have new "variations" meaning from a drop down menu, you can choose different size bouquets. For example, if you need one bridal bouquet and 4 small matching bridesmaid bouquets, you can do that all from one listing. Or maybe you need matching boutonnieres, you can add them as well, or maybe you need a toss bouquet, as well. If you like the bouquets as pictured, there's no need to message me first for a custom listing to get the additional items. From a separate drop down menu, choose if you want white or ivory lace and add to your cart. The bouquets are still made to order and I send pictures for your approval, before shipping. 

Custom orders are always welcome and if you want to make color changes, that's no problem and you can message me for those options. I will note, sometimes the shipping calculator over estimates shipping (it thinks each item ships in a separate box, instead of combined shipping). If this appears to be the case, you can either message me for a better shipping price or I will refund the overages. This is a new feature I have been rolling out this month, so I'm still tweaking a few details. So far everyone seems to love this option though! 

Second, Etsy now offers Guest Checkout, so you don't have to sign up for an etsy account. 
I will admit, having the account is much easier for us to communicate and you get shipping notifications, but its not a requirement. Recently, I had a bride message me about a custom order, but her aunt was going to pay for her wedding flowers. The listing was in the bride's name, but the aunt was able to purchase as a guest without having to sign up with etsy. 

The following pictures are examples of the popular bouquets that have the new variations available-

rustic wedding bouquet
 This set shows the small, medium, and bridal bouquets for size comparison.
turquoise fabric bouquets
 Bridal bouquet with pearls (and vintage jewelry provided by bride's family).
rustic bridal bouquet with pearls
This is the toss or flower girl size bouquets with 6 burlap roses. 
 Lavender bridal bouquet and 3 small bridesmaid bouquets
burlap bridal bouquet
 Extremely popular, Navy bridal bouquet with small bridesmaid bouquets.
navy burlap bouquet
Burlap boutonnieres
burlap label flowers

 Camo and Orange burlap bridal bokay.
camouflage wedding flowers
 Here's a couple of options with feathers -

fabric bouquet with feathers
The all white bouquet -
 Here's the "jade" aka light turquoise / aqua bouquets and again this shows the bridal, medium, and small size bouquets.

More bouquets have the option to choose different sizes. (There's also some new, ready to ship bouquets added recently and I'll be previewing them here soon.) I hope this added convenience helps you out. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want something different! I am here to help you out and take the stress out of your wedding planning! 


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