Monday, June 5, 2017

Happy Mail from The Soap Chic

I've been gone almost all day, with unexpected business and got home to the sweetest smelling happy fan mail! (Really, fan mail?!?) 

Last year, Ms. Linda (from Iowa) came to one of our shows in East Texas (her daughter lives in the area) after finding my blog, through Pinterest. She wrote a two page letter, telling me that I was a real inspiration to her and that she has been making soap and lotion and started doing some craft shows. She uses one of my zipper bags to keep her money and cards at the shows. 

She said I inspired her to make a honeysuckle soap in my honor, called the "Texas Gypsy Chic"! I'm humbled and have tears in my eyes, to realize that my life and little business can be such an inspiration to others. 

Thank you Linda, "The Soap Chic" - I absolutely LOVE the soap! Of course it's turquoise and the smell of honeysuckle reminds me of growing up and riding horses in the spring time! I will enjoy the soaps and wish you all the best as you follow your heart and do what you love!

P.S. Ms. Linda - if you have online pages, I would be happy to link your business, so we can all find more of your soaps and lotions! 

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  1. Oh that is just so nice, Janice. She can be vice president since I'm the president of your fan club. :)



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