Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Month of Navy Blue

In the last couple of weeks, I've made and shipped items to four countries! Now that's not an every day occurance (and my shipping bill this month will be crazy), but it is exciting to think about my handmade items being delivered to places all across the globe. 

For this girl who often stresses over her business and struggles with self confidence, I'm so thankful for everyone who puts their trust in me and let's me be a part of your weddings, decorate your events, homes, or  wears something I have created. Y'all are the best! I think about my small home based business, located on the back roads, outside a small country town and through the power of the internet (thank goodness my data is working again) I can connect to people all over the world. It really is amazing!

Navy burlap has been the most popular color this month! Almost every order has navy in it, although there have been several different color combinations. This red, tan, and navy bridal bouquet with rhinestones and pearls is on its way to Canada. 

Rustic wedding bouquet

Navy, wine, grey, and white bouquets are Italy bound. I'm also seeing more request for grey burlap included in bouquets.
rustic bridal bouquet, toss bouquet, and boutonniere
Navy with white lace has been the thing lately. Usually it's ivory lace 90% of the time, so February was a flip flop on that scenario. 
rustic bride's bouquet
Now, if you see me around town and think my hands look ridiculously dirty and have lots of brown spots, please know that I have taken a bath and washed my hands plenty of times, it's just a sign that I have been using eucalyptus recently. After I use the eucalyptus in arrangements, our well water (high in iron) has a reaction to it and I get these spots, wherever it touched my skin. It's kind of crazy. I can wash my hands in "city water" without spots, but when I come home and take a shower, the spots appear for a day or two. Anyways, long story to explain the spots on my hand while modeling a wristlet! Any scientist out there want to explain my reaction?!?
mother of bride / groom corsage 
Here's the culprit - a retirement party centerpiece. I love all the different types the euc and it holds up so well, that I overlook the spots it causes. 
If you've ever wondered about size comparison between a fresh red rose and a burlap rose boutonniere, here is the line up. Fresh Corsage and boutonniere, 2 mini rose groom's bout, burlap rose boutonniere.
rustic corsages

The burlap rose is smaller that an average size red rose.
rustic boutonnieres
Vintage cowboy pillows shipped to the land down under, Australia.  

Navy bridal and small bridesmaid bouquet with a touch of blush burlap.
blush pink and navy wedding
A wreath to honor a veteran... Always sad to make....

Red, white, and navy bridesmaid bouquets.
burlap bridesmaid bouquets
Large bridesmaid bouquets (this bride chose the bridal bouquet size for her bridesmaids to carry.)
Now for a couple non-navy bouquets! A medium size coral burlap, lace and tulle bouquet. 
coral burlap wedding flowers
And a camo, sage, tan, brown, and white burlap bouquet, without any lace. It's really hard to believe that I didn't make anything with turquoise this month.

camo wedding flowers

Love y'all lots and thanks for your support! As always, custom orders are welcome and I look forward to helping be a part of your special days! 

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