Thursday, March 9, 2017

Roots and Wings at the Backwood's Marketplace

Roots and Wings ~💗~
Our Roots ~ make us who we are, those ol' timey community churches we were raised in, our history, our story, our family... 

Wings ~ you can know where you're from and still want to fly....

We are working on some new items for the Backwood's Marketplace, April 8-9. Our area will have a Roots and Wings overall theme and also feature a spring garden center! Yes, you read that right, we will also have plants for this market! 


Roots to plant and Wings to decorate with!

There will be items repurposed from the barns our grandparents built, vintage treasures from our past, paintings of churches, with long standing history in our local communities, and of course lots of fun junk!

So far, I have paintings of  5 different historic churches, all located within Upshur County. The painting is Hopewell Church, (I've actually got two different versions of this church) located just down the road from the market. It reminds me of a Little House on the Prairie type church and one room school house. 

The one on the board is LaFayette (pronounced luh-fet, not like the town in Louisiana) and it's the community church, where my family comes from. Our roots... I'm calling this collection "Another Sunday in the South" and the art will be available in several different mediums. 

I listen to music as I work and it inspires me. (I seldom turn on the racket of the tv.) If you've listened to Miranda Lamberts newest album, you may recognize the lyrics from her song "For the Birds" 

Cause I'm for the sun
I'm for the breeze
Old dogs sleeping at your feet
I'm for the girls with the curls and the curves
I'm for questions
I'm for freedom
Celebrating every season
For the trees, and the bees, and the dirt
I'm for feathers, I'm for wings, I'm for twiddle-le-de-de
For what it's worth, for what it's worth
I'm for the birds, I'm for the birds, I'm for the birds
I'm for the birds, I'm for the birds, I'm for the birds
I'm for the birds

Part of our booth will feature all things "For the Birds" - tin bird yard stakes,  bird cages, houses, artwork, wreaths with birds, etc. Every week, I find something bird related, while we are out junkin' and of course it goes with the spring garden theme! 

Wings...several different styles of rustic tin wings will be available at the market and they have roots in my past. The tin was salvaged from my granddaddy's hay barn. The mangled pieces of tin no longer work for roofing, but they will carry on in new ways. I certainly plan to add a pair of wings to my yard decor this spring. 

We've got about 9 million projects in the works, ok, maybe not quite that many, but I've got lots of things to finish up before the market, so stay tuned to for more sneak peeks and make sure you mark your calendars for April 8-9! 

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  1. So many new thing, how great is that! I didn't realize, or perhaps have forgotten, that you're an artist also, Janice. That's fantastic!



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