Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Upside Down Christmas Tree

I've wanted to hang an upside down Christmas tree for several years now and finally got to do it last week at the Backwood's Marketplace! It was quirky and different, fun and festive, sparkly and twinkly and I absolutely loved it! 

I got the silver tree from my friend's garage sale last spring. It's light weight and we were needing night lights for our tent at the market, since we were staying open late. So, I decided to make it a chandelier style tree, turned it upside down, and draped turquoise beads along with red and blue vintage ornaments, and a strand of icicle lights.  

We hung it in the corner of the tent and the nearby mirror added even more twinkly lights! 
Now that market is over, I'm trying to decide where I'm going to hang it at home, because I'm not ready to put it away! Stay tuned to see where it shows up at! 

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