Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas, Churches, Back Roads, and Old Barns

I love living and working on the rural route, the backroads, the Farm to Market roads, the small communities... 

This week, my adventures (work) have taken me to several small communities on the rural route and I carried my camera with me to capture some of the fall foliage along the way. 

Country road take me home - Monday version... 

Tuesday afternoon, I headed back out again - 

I delivered Christmas flowers to the Perryville Cemetery. In all my years in the floral business, I had never been in this cemetery. 

Cemetery vases and saddles were placed for the holidays. 

I've passed this church many times, but never stopped to take a picture. Since I was at the cemetery next to it, I walked to the church to finally take a picture! 
My schedule was quite for the rest of the afternoon, so I wandered home slowly, stopping to take lots of pictures. 

Wednesday adventures had me 12 foot high, decorating western Christmas trees! 
Tip: When decorating a tall tree by yourself, confiscate an Easter bucket from the decor closet, load it with an assortment of ornaments, before going up the ladder! You'll be glad you didn't have to go up and down the ladder 1,567,384 times! 

Thankful for friends and customers who ask me to create arrangements and decorate their homes for Christmas! 
I've been by the Glade Creek church before, but decided to take a picture of it, on my way back to town. I love the old churches and fall foliage! 
I passed this barn and had to turn around and go back for a picture! 
Hmmm, now I wonder where we will wander tomorrow?!? It's Thursday, so that means we will be Gone Junkin' with Angea! No telling where the road will lead us or what we'll find! 

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