Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Paint and a Gussied Up Ceiling

Gussie the Glamper is getting lots of attention lately! She's got a big date in October and she's trying to get all gussied up in time for her public debut! You may have noticed, I've never really showed the ceiling. It was the one big thing that I hadn't tackled. I've had all sorts of ideas about covering it's ugly spots. I've been on the look out for tin ceiling tiles at garage sales or anything cool to repurpose and I've found nothing. 

Also, the kitchen cabinets had remained original, till last night. I decided they needed a couple coats of ivory lace (that's the paint color). Last year, I had debated whether to paint them or leave them in their original state. Still not sure about the green counter and the two sliding doors. I'm liking the cabinets so much better with fresh paint and I think I'll leave the doors green. What's your thoughts? 

This afternoon, I put the second coat of paint on the cabinets and pondered the ceiling again. Then I remembered I had the burlap coffee sacks and knew they would be attached to the ceiling, but how? 
I grabbed my spray adhesive and mod podge, thinking I would glue it up there. Although, when it came down to it, the staple gun got the workout! If I do find something I like better, (although, I'm really loving this), it will be easy to change it out. 
 I've accumulated several doilies with stains and tatters and felt they should have a place on the patchwork ceiling. Because Miss Gussie is perfectly imperfect and she doesn't mind a few imperfections and we both love her mason jar lights! 
It came a crazy thunderstorm while I was out there stapling away and then I redid my chalkboard sign. 
I peeked out the door to catch the sunset after the rain! The rain and wind blew my awning around, but it survived. Better weights are definetly on my list of things to find. 
So, do you follow the adventures of Gussie the glamper and me on social media? If not, we'd love for you to travel along with us and watch for our upcoming news! 

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  1. I think Miss Gussie is lookin' mighty fine. Your imagination is out of this world, Janice. Love all you do! :)



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