Monday, August 31, 2015

A One Woman Show?

  A Facebook fan posed a question on a bouquet picture today - "Do you do all the work yourself?" 

My response - "I'm a one woman show. I'm the designer, maker, photographer, and computer person." 

Although I should point out, I do occasionally get some help from the mister! You know, the lifting, some building, IT/computer networking (he makes sure the internet connections are working), occasionally shipping and receiving and he's got the brains to figure out how something works or why it's not.
I got a helping hand, twisting the wire,  when I was working on this chandelier. 
He pulls me out of the mud, when I get the feed truck stuck and fixes the tractor when I break something! 
So I guess I should say we are a team, 
although, he doesn't make or design any of the flower bouquets. 
He does help work on the mechanical elements of my sewing machine, 
but he doesn't paint! That's my department for sure! 

He keeps the internet running and printers connected, but I handle all my own social media, email, blog maintenance / design, etsy shop work and the such. So if you ask a question, you get a response from me. 
Customer service, inventory management (shopping), design and production all point my direction.    

I do all of my own photography as well, except for the occasional time I hand Jeff the camera and tell him to snap a picture for me. I see individuals and businesses that take pictures off the internet and post them as their own, without giving credit, misleading viewers to think they did the work. That makes me mad! My pictures may not be the best and honestly, most of these were taken with my phone, but they are my work! Occasional I repost or share customer's pictures or repost inspirational pictures, but credit is given to the source. Simply, "saw this on Pinterest, fb, love this idea,  yada, yada" would be better than claiming someone else's work as your own. Whew, sorry, I got on a rant there! 
So, yes, I do most of the work behind GypsyFarmGirl, but I've got a great guy that helps me out behind the scenes, 

who broke all the rules here! (Don't try this at home!) 
I certainly couldn't do everything I do without him! Sometimes I wonder how I did everything I do now, plus work a 9 hour a day job in town. I really don't know how I did it all! 


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  1. I'd say you guys and a GREAT team! You've come so far, and I'm pleased as punch for you both. :)



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