Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This week

So it's been a busy week around here, making some different things and running like crazy! 

Saturday morning, I decided I was going to work on furniture transformations and got the first coat of paint on two pieces and the phone rang "you've got calves out." Oh no, painting party cancelled and off the wrangle up the calf (luckily just one) and fix fence. 
Thank goodness this cute dude and his daddy (my brother) came to the rescue and helped out! The chain saw was loud and he was covering his ears. 
Then some dear friends lost their dad and pop, and ask me to make floral tributes to honor their cowboy. The casket spray was made on his horse saddle! They mentioned wanting sunflowers and yellow roses and trusted me to take care of the rest. 

I also made easels from the children and grandchildren. 

After leaving the flower shop last year, I thought I was leaving behind the funeral work and even homecoming mums, but as someone told me recently "once a florist, always a florist." It was an honor that the family ask me to create a final tribute for them. 

I've seen the sunrise more this week than all year, as it's been on the go all week! (I'm usually the night owl, chasing sunsets instead.) We found army worms at the farm this weekend, so there's been the added job of spraying them, in order to protect our grass. We think we won this go round. 

I had a few other calls for other funeral wreaths

 and cemetery vase arrangements as well, 
combined with homecoming mums, along with running my shop and shipping out orders.  
After the funeral today, I went to check on the cows, still wearing my dress. Working from home, I don't get dressed up as much, so it had to be documented and some of the calves wanted in on the selfie business, making it a #felfie (farm selfie!) 

Now, my house needs a good cleaning after making arrangements in my living room and all the extra running this week, the furniture needs to be finished and I've got to get busy on a custom wedding order, all while creating some new inventory for my shop and a show next month. 

It seems like it should be Friday already, yet it's only Wednesday! Hope you are all having a great week! 

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