Friday, August 14, 2015

Pillow Talk!

Can we have a little pillow talk?

I've been busy the last couple of weeks working on some new items for my etsy shop. I have created some new pillow covers in several different styles from rustic country to shabby chic french farmhouse and elegant gold. I had a big photoshoot yesterday and all the items are now available in my shop. All the pillow covers are made to fit an 18 by 18 inch pillow form.

GypsyFarmGirl fall photoshoot

You can also see a glimpse of some of the other new products! I took over 200 pictures yesterday and listed nearly 4o new items in my shop, including the rope wreaths, buntings, bouquets, and ankle boots. 

GypsyFarmGirl rustic home decor
I live and work in a small home. I see people complain that their second home / weekend house is only 1000 square foot and think to myself how much I could do with 1000 sq ft! Storing lots of pillows is hard for me to do, so I thought I couldn't be the only one. You can easily transform the look of your existing pillows by slipping the covers over them. No need to go hide that pillow in the closet or behind the couch when you want to change them out for a different look. The covers have an envelope style back, like a pillow sham for your 18 inch pillows. They can easily be stored in a closet or drawer if you decide to change them out seasonally and being lightweight, they will ship more economically than bulky boxes. 
French Country Pillows
I have a couple of the damask print pillows on my couch now and a matching curtain in the living room. I thought of the colors as rustic red and tan until I read the fabric description online. They call it tan, taupe, coral and peach damask. How would you describe it? The damask fabric coordinates will with the elegant gold pillow with fringe and the rag wreath. The wreath has tan, gold, white, and damask print fabric, along with tan burlap and white and ivory vintage lace. Get the wreath and the pillow covers will ship for just 25 cents each! 

(The Kay-Bee seed sack pillow, above, and the camper and angel wing pillows will continue to come with pillow forms.)
French Country home decor
 Here's a couple close ups of the french letter and postage stamp pillow and the burlap scrambled alphabet.
scrambled alphabet burlap pillow

 Faux leather and turquoise fringe for your rustic country home! I always pick out fabrics that I like. I could pull off any of these looks in my living room. I guess thats why I like more neutral colors in my house, so that I can change a look by adding pillows or decorations.
Miss Gussie, the glamper,  was excited to get to show off for the photoshoot! Stay tuned to see more new items or head over to my shop to find them now. 
fall and rustic home and wedding decor


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  1. Some new items! Girl, that's awesome. I'm liking the "French" pillow covers, and need to see if I can use them somewhere. As always, I'm so very proud of you!

  2. And, Miss Gussie is looking extremely happy! :)


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