Saturday, October 11, 2014

Burlap Brooch Bouquet

I created this burlap brooch bridal bouquet and listed it in my etsy shop recently. Shades of brown burlap and vintage gold toned brooches, along with ivory lace comprise the rustic glam bouquet. 

If I was planning my own wedding, I do believe this would have to be the bouquet for me! Since I'm already married, it's now available to one special bride to be. 
I've photographed the bouquet in several settings and can't figure out which location is my favorite, so I thought I would share some of them here. 
Natural tan, chocolate brown, and the new Idaho potato burlap roses are the base of the bouquet. 

I have been collecting brooches and jewelry from estate sales over the past year. I think there are 27 gold toned pieces included along with a pretty vintage lace. 

An assortment of pearl clusters, flowers, leaves, feathers, and rope style pieces are nestled among the roses in this one of a kind bouquet. 

I've always loved the neutral, earthy shades of brown and cream and this bouquet just makes me happy. 

The handle of the bouquet handle is layered with tan burlap and ivory lace.
There will never be another bouquet just like this one, so run over to my etsy shop now to get it before it's gone. As a special to my blog readers- Use the coupon code TAKETEN  to get a $10.00 discount when purchasing. 


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