Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Its that time of year! A changing of the season as we say good bye to fall and hello to the holidays. A time when we clean and redecorate in preperation for Christmas.
I've been doing just that this weekend.
 Here's a little sneak peak of my Christmas Tree.
 My theme this year is Burlap and Lace! Everything on my tree is used for making wedding bouquets in my store.

I'll be sharing more pictures of my shabby chic tree this week!
I've spent some time this weekend *trying* to spruce up my blog for the season. I spent two hours this morning trying to change my background and layout. It would not do what I wanted it to do...So we'll just settle for a "winter white" look with a shabby chic bride's bouquet for a header. At least the orange and green are gone for now...
I also made a few changes to my etsy store and have several items on sale for the holidays. Several items are on sale from $5.00 off to 33% off. I plan to keep adding and updating items this week, so please check out my store for some hand made gift items. I also added lots of custom wedding bouquet pictures, so if you are planning a wedding in the future and like burlap and lace, please convo me and so we can create flowers for your dream wedding.  

We've also got a special project going on with this truck load of cedar clippings! I can't wait to share what its all about. Unless you've seen my Instagram pics, it won't be what you are thinking!
Well it looks like I have just planned myself a busy week and I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet! Yes, the holidays are here!
Hope you have a great week.


  1. LOVE the new header. Darn, I'm thinking I should get married again so I could use your beautiful things! :)


  2. Everything's Gorgeous Girl!! And NO way am I getting married again!!Hahaaaaaa


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