Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chasing Sunsets

 Is it just me, or does it not seem that fall has the prettiest sunsets?
 There are certain places on my way home that I have scouted out and want to photograph at sun down. After seeing the brilliant sunset one night, I was racing to get to a certain point on my path. I didn't quite make it to exactly where I wanted before the sun dropped below the horizon.
So it got me to thinking, would "chasing sunsets" be a good excuse if I got stopped? Storm chasers get to drive crazy, what about sunset chasers!


  1. Oh, those are gorgeous! And I'm so proud of you, thinking in advance of the spots where you want to photograph and being mindful of the sky when the sun sets on the horizon! I also love the late afternoon skies during the fall.

  2. Beautiful Miz Janice!!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Love all the sunset photos...but the one one the top is my personal fav.

  4. I love the sunsets!! The bleeding sky is absolutely stunning!


  5. I totally agree with you...the best time of year for great sunsets! Your photos are fantastic!


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