Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Fall Rusty Junk Bucket Makeover

A few weeks ago I gave a few of my rusty containers a makeover. Hello Pansies and Mums!
Remember this bottomless rusty bucket from the spring? Well the marigolds are gone, but the dusty miller, petunias, and creeping jenny are still with us.
 A few purple and yellow pansies from the local produce stand filled in the holes and will last all winter.
I added a yellow mum to the basket on the bicycle and the fountain grass is blooming in my wash tub along with marigolds and springeri fern.
 I know when we get a frost, the petunias will say good bye, although I'm hoping the pansies will have filled in  more by then. The dusty miller will last another year, so next spring it will get transplanted to a larger container.

 Hope you are all having a Fun and Junk-Filled Fall! I'll share more pictures from my yard soon and from our day spent at the Antique Car Show. Have a great week!


  1. You are so lucky to have a long growing season! Our flowers are history now. The marigolds were pulled up this morning, as a matter of fact. They were looking so ragged and tired.

    I adore your rusty bucket decorating!

  2. So clever, as always!

    I didn't know that pansies could take the cold, and freezes. Thanks for telling me!!


  3. What a great idea...I have some of these old buckets! Thanks.

  4. Love repurposed containers for potting! My favorite books are by Rebecca Cole and have so many great ideas for that!


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