Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage School Desk

We came across this vintage style school desk at a garage sale last November and its been sitting in our storage building ever since then, begging for something to be done with it. Farmall Man just could not pass it up for $10!

Someone had already painted it aqua blue, but hadn't done a great job of painting it. Instead of repainting it, I decided to distress it some and sanded down the rough places to give it a worn and aged feel.

Paul apparantly spent lots of time in this desk and carved his name on top.

 Lots of other students spent lots of time drawing and writing on the inside of the desk. I found a Jack and Clinton scribbled inside.

Someone must have been very aggitated with the teacher one day because you can see a Shut Up and Make Me!

Now that the desk is cleaned up and spider free, we've got to figure out just where to put our old desk! Our little house is so crowded. I really want to use it as my husbands end table beside his chair, but that would mean having to reorganize all his stuff and we nearly get divorced if I move all his books and papers! Maybe I can get him to fix up his space soon!


  1. Now, don't you be gettin' Farmall mad at ya!! That's a great find. Love it.

  2. I howled at the shut up and make me! that good 'ol schoolish charm. :) LOL


  3. I have the same desk but I agree with you on the paint part. Whoever did this should have just painted the metal and left the wood its natural color and just sand it to make it look better.


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