Friday, February 3, 2012

Brenda's Photo Challenge - Memories

It's great to participate in Brenda's Photo Challenge again!
This weeks theme is Memories.
The week before Christmas, I went to the cemetery to deliver flowers to several of my family members. It was a dreary, cool day and I spent lots of time thinking. Can you imagine how many memories and how much history this cemetery holds? My five times great grandparents are buried here all the way down to my dad. Two years ago, I found out my husband's grandfather's infant siblings were buried here as well. This rural community cemetery holds a memorial service each year and I enjoy going and hearing the old timers tell stories and relive so many memories.

After I left the cemetery, I wasn't ready to get back in the fast lane on the highway, so I drove down a few back roads, alone with my memories and a few songs on the radio. It was just what I needed.
My yard is a place for memories as well. Many of the plants in my yard have been passed along to me by family and friends. Each plant has connections and special memories, whether they came from my husband on our first Valentine's or the plants we started when we first got married. Daffodils from Grandmama, all the flowers my mother-in-law shared and passed along from her yard that her mother had also grown. Friends, co-workers, and church ladies shared lots of plants in the first few years we were establishing a home and garden. I'll never forget the trip my great aunt took me on to gather plants from a friend of hers. Between the two ladies, I came home with a truck load of free plants. There are so many special memories in my front yard.  If we ever move from here, I'll have to dig up half my yard and take it with me!  


  1. Janice, I love the photo from the cemetery and the story behind it. Thank you for sharing a memory in time.

  2. Such wonderful photo's and memories, Janice! The cemetery looks so much like the one I visit when I go over to W. Fla. I usually take about an hour to visit as the memories flood me with joy and sadness at the same time. Now, you've made me want to go back and visit again. :)

    Your plants and flowers are lovely; each one attached to a good memory. Love it.

    Have a wonderful day, sweet friend. ((hugs))

  3. I love each and every one of your memory photos! I am so happy that you are back!!

  4. Great memories, and I love your memory garden, mine is not quite as big but nonetheless.

  5. I love your pictures.
    Memories: They bring smiles to our faces, or tears to our eyes, and sometimes both at the same time.

  6. What a wonderful assortment of photos that represent memories! Gosh, why didn't I think of a cemetery? Such a symphony of memories there! And that country road photo is spectacular. Love that winding road and many textures of the woods. And your garden! That is one of the best things about gardens, they are instant triggers for memories with the shared plants and fragrant smells. Bravo on this challenge!

  7. Beautiful photos! A cemetery is certainly a place to bring back memories, isn't it?

  8. Love your shots and especially the road through the trees. I like your garden. I have one too. I'm just not good at making it come a live like some people are. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That "lane" shot is Gorgeous Janice!!! Wow!
    I also wish I'd been close to any of my grandparents...sigh...I know I missed out on a Lot!!

  10. Some really nice memories. I have had to leave a few treasured plants through the years,

  11. What good shots for this challenge. Cemeteries certainly do stir up memories and even if you didn't know those that are interred there you can't help wondering what stories their lives tell.


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