Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Wrapping

My gift wrapping is done...there's just one gift making is NOT. I still have 2-3 sewing projects that I keep putting off and I've got to get busy this weekend and finish making a few things. I love to creativly wrap my gifts and my family says there is no need to ever sign who my packages are from, because they just know!
 When blue jeans are too worn out to use, I cut the pockets off and add the pocket to a natural colored gift sack. I come from a family of Cowboys, so Wrangler jeans get repurposed for gift wrap!
 Can you believe this is a Foldgers Coffee Can covered in burlap? A great gift "box" and useful storage container.
Pretty bows are a must!

 I had the instruction sheets that were part of the patterns I got at Goodwill to make my Christmas tree ornaments and decided to wrap a Pioneer Woman Cookbook with the vintage instructions. Since the paper was small, I wrapped the box top and bottom seperate, so the lid will just lift off the box. I took  a strip of the pattern package and made a flower with names on the leaves.
Basic brown craft paper is my favorite thing to use. I can use so many different types of decorations and colors to finish the wrapping.

So are you finished with your gift buying/making and wrapping or are you like me and still have a few things to go?


  1. I love your giftwrapping ideas. They are gifts themselves.

  2. I always love the creations you come up with, Janice, and these are no exceptions. I agree, the wrappings are gifts!

    Love them all. Have a great weekend, finish up, girl one week to go. :)

  3. You put my gift wrapping to shame. I wish I were getting a present from you just to see how you wrapped it!

  4. I have to admit that I am done! Put a fork in me, LOL. I did a lot of internet shopping this year to make it easier on myself. Your wrappings look beautiful and I agree on using the plain brown paper. It is good to use all year long and oh-so thrifty!

  5. You are SO Talented!!!
    Love these!


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