Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poinsettia Watering Tip

Christmas and Poinsettias go together like a hand and glove, the only problem is, so often the poinsettias die from lack of care. I wanted to share a little tid bit of info with you about watering a poinsettia.
Actually, you don't "water" at all - use ICE CUBES instead! Yes, you read that right. A plant wholesaler shared the tip with us one time and it really does help.

Poinsettias like consistant moisture - not too wet, not too dry. A few ice cubes a day keeps a happy plant. The ice slowly melts and waters the plant and you don't have to worry about water splashing on the leaves and causing spots.

So each day as you fill your glass with ice, give your poinsettias a 2-3 cubes as well (for a 6 inch plant) or when you finish your drink, place the "used" ice cubes in the pot. One time I had a customer tell me that she gave her poinsettia the last drink of her coke each day and her poinsettia was thriving the next summer!

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  1. Ice cubes are sure easier to manage than remembering to water. I'm off to freeze a tray right now.

  2. How interesting about the ice cubes! I can't ever have poinsettias because of my cats. But they are beautiful flowers!

  3. What a Cool Tip!! Much easier to do!

  4. Thanks, Janice. I've never heard that!

    Going back to vote again. I needed this reminder. ;)


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